In Response to COVID-19

We will be taking precautions and making a few changes. We are not trying to encourage a sense of panic; instead, we are following the suggested actions of health officials and doing our part to help slow the spread of this disease. We do this to benefit the members of our worshiping community, but we also do this for the sake of our neighbors.

  • We will refrain from hugs and handshakes for a time. Waves and Vulcan salutes are encouraged.
  • We will have more cautious procedures in celebrating the Lord’s Supper. All who serve communion will wash their hands with soap and water before serving. There will be no common cup.
  • Our usher will hold the offering plate, please place your offering in the plate and avoid contact.
  • We will temporarily suspend our coffee hour as well as our post-gathering meals.
  • We encourage common sense and common courtesy to all who worship with us. If you are sick, please stay home (sermons are available below). Wash your hands as often as you can—especially after coughing, sneezing, or making contact with your face.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes and adjustments as needed.

A personal note from Pastor Matt: I’m worried about this. I worry for the sake of those of you who are more vulnerable. I worry for those who have been impacted financially. I worry about the stress this will place on our healthcare system and I worry if we will be able to provide care for those who need it most. I believe this worry is a Godly concern for my neighbor. Our ultimate comfort is that Christ will one day come again and put an end to the pain, but until God through miracle or medicine puts an end to the pandemic or until he comes again, we are left with concern and difficult days. So our comfort is that Christ is with us in the pain and the turmoil and while it is amazing to have Christ in our midst, it still leaves us pretty uncomfortable. May God assure you of his presence and watch over you in these difficult days.

Prayer Prompts from Pastor Matt

COVID-19 is a pandemic. It has already had a negative impact on the world and things are going to get worse before they get better. I encourage you to keep up to date on news reporting about COVID-19 and with press releases from organizations like the CDC and WHO. This awareness not only helps you stay up to date and take appropriate action, but helps you stay informed as to how you can pray for others. In my own prayers I have been mindful of the following:

  • That people would be given wisdom and use appropriate hygiene (washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, coughing into elbow or disposable tissue, avoiding contact with face, etc).
  • That people would use discernment and practice social distancing (staying home when possible and avoiding physical contact).
  • For those who are or will experience financial hardship, especially hourly workers and those who already had trouble making ends meet.
  • For those who are elderly or have a preexisting condition that they would be kept safe.
  • For our health care workers, that they would be given wisdom and peace.
  • That the speed at which the disease spreads would be kept as low as possible so that our health care system isn’t overloaded and doctors aren’t faced with impossible decisions.
  • That community leaders, business owners, and government officials would be given wisdom to take appropriate action and to do so quickly to lessen the impact of COVID-19.
  • For those who have lost loved ones, that they would be given comfort and peace.
  • For medical researches, that a vaccine for this virus would be developed as quickly as possibly.
  • For calm responses rather than panic. That people would not horde supplies and would buy and act in a way that doesn’t cause potential harm to others.